Mermaid Water Stunt Show

Golden Mermaid Location: Xishuangbanna, China

A fantasy stunt show where mermaids hold the power to save the world.

A water stunt show in Xishuangbanna, China, the set is 310' x 55' with an 18’ x 110' pool.  The overall design incorporated elements of fantasy, creating a fantastic story with the scenery. Project included all aspects of design, from original sketches through design development, digital models and final renderings. Also included were schematic designs, design development, presentation renderings and initial styling for costumes, hair and make-up. 

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Rendering of Full set

Finished set 

This was a specific sort of design that had to do with the minority ethnic group that live in the far western area of China. The design was inspired by this group of people called the Dia.

The Dai celebrate a festival of cleansing with water. This became the center focal point of the design. The project includes mountains, waterfalls, rock bridges and Dia inspired structures. 

Painting of main set 350'x55' with 18' deep pool

Design Scope :

Conceptual design
Master planning
Schematic design

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